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If You Love It, Share It.

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We have many customers who are part of our “knitting family”. We know them well and we know their families, not that we met their families, but because we have heard so much about them.

As they bought yarn for growing households, knit for stress relief during careers, or came in for help when they knit too late into the night, we came to know what an important role knitting played in their lives. But it is rare that we learn how special their knitting is in the lives of their families.

One particular customer had such a tale. She raised three sons and had a storied career as an educator, knitting all the while. But as a grandmother she latched onto what became her favorite yarn. We tried to tell her it was a little scratchy for little ones. No, that was the one she wanted to use.

She recently passed away and I attended the “Celebration of Her Life”. I sat listening to her grandchildren saying how her knitting will be among their best memories. She taught her grandson to knit and inspired him to continue to learn. They all referred to “Garmies’s itchy sweaters”. Then I got it, she had to keep buying that yarn, she had a reputation to maintain.

If you love knitting, pass it on. We know you share your knitted works, so why not share your skill and give the world a new inspired knitter.

Smile, relax and knit,



Have You Shaved Your Sweater Lately?


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As winter begins to wind down (maybe) and you think about putting your sweaters in a drawer, a trunk, on a shelf, away, we would like to add a few thoughts.

First, wash them. We like hand washing in sweater shampoo. Moths love dirty sweaters and it’s well known that they prefer dirty cashmere. Plus you’ll have fresh, clean sweaters many months from now when you need them again.

Second, let’s talk about lengthening the life of your sweater. As we all know, there are very few yarns that don’t pill, at least a little. The question is, “what do you do about that?” We recommend sweater shavers. Removing the fuzz and/or pills periodically will greatly extend the years and original personality of your garment.

How do you store your sweaters? Any thoughts you would like to share?

Smile, relax and knit,


What Kind of Knitter Are You?

What kind of knitter are you? Have you knit all your life, or did you take a break and come back?

Are you a seasonal knitter, someone we only see in the Fall and Winter?

Are you a passionate knitter with a project in your handbag in case you have to stand in line too long?

Do you know someone who knit years ago and wants to start up again? Or do you have a friend bugging you to teach them to knit?

Well, pick an evening, a bottle of wine, pint of ice cream, bar of Godiva, which ever suits your mood. Get a pair of needles, a good ball of yarn and oh yes, your friend. Cast on for them, see what happens and remember to laugh!

Smile, relax and knit,


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Winterize Your Knitting Basket

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Last evening explains perfectly why we keep multiple projects going at the same time. It was the second night of the “Damon” storm. I’m eating dinner in front of the computer and suddenly I am eating by the romantic glow of computer light in a pitch black house. So much for the black sweater I was going to work on.

Out comes my trusty oil lamp in place of the Ott Lite. Out comes the project using ecru yarn and silver needles that reflect the soft glow of the warm lamp light. Winter starts in ten days. Are you sure you’re prepared?

Smile, relax and knit,