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Rhythm for Your Soul


Are you feeling distracted, out of sorts, can’t concentrate, need to get back to the normal daily rhythms of life? You are not alone.

Since mid January we have had a White House that runs on the Chaos Theory. A Senate that is either talking all night, voting in the middle of the night or creating news in other ways. And we have even had the Justice Department involved in law making.

Then there is the news media trying to react, or stay in front of all of this. We have the power of the people protesting on the Mall, in the malls, in airports, in Congressional offices, and the media covers all of this. Is it any wonder our heads are spinning? Hmmm, Spinning….

I was once a production hand weaver. To build up any speed you have to get your hands and feet to work together in an even steady rhythm. One night I sat down to weave while listening to a Jazz festival on the radio. I was all over the place; wrong foot, wrong hand, dropping the shuttle, a mess. Finally I leaned back and said “what is the matter with you?” During my timeout the music came to the forefront and I realized my problem. Slap to the forehead, “you can’t weave to a syncopated rhythm.”

So if you are not adjusting well to this new syncopation of our daily lives and the turbulence has you out of sorts, some thoughts…

First, change the music. Then collect your knitting and maybe a few knitting friends. For we know that knitting is therapeutic, but group therapy is much better. Soon you have the clicking of the needles, the yarn sliding through your fingers and the song of your pattern running around in your head.

Whether it’s the gentle clicking of the needles, the swoosh of the spinning wheel, or the swish-thwack of the loom, getting back to basics shifts you into more comfortable patterns. Whatever activity you use to calm yourself, I try to include two things in every day, gratitude and lots of laughter.

Smile, relax and knit,





Mind Over Matter

For many of us knitting helps us to relax; easing the day’s tension. Well this season of “Political Theater” must be keeping our needles smokin’. I know some people knit early in the morning, some in the evening, while others fit knitting time in throughout the day. Yarn meditation is healthful no matter when it is practiced.

I also began to think about something I wrote many years ago, so I decided to share:


I don’t matter

And I don’t mind

They are matter

And I mind

But I am matter

And they don’t mind

When everything matters

Nobody minds

But when nobody matters

Everything minds

I don’t mind

And it doesn’t matter

I don’t matter

And I mind

If you don’t understand what I’ve said

Don’t mind

It doesn’t matter


So try to matter today, if only in your own mind. Be good to yourself and make time to knit.


Smile, relax and knit,


Snow Day


Snow day photo.1 cropped and resized

What do you do with a snow day? Here you are with many, many inches, possibly feet of snow or perhaps sleet and freezing rain. The Weather Service has said to stay off the roads and you of course comply.

Now what do you do? Did you see this coming and bring work home with you? Is it a “free day”; an opportunity to try that new pattern you’ve been dying to start? Do you make another cup of coffee, turn on the movie channel and try to finish the project you are currently knitting? Or are you a good “Do Bee” and use this time to clean and do laundry? Is it a good time to reorganize your Tupperware or your dresser drawers?

If you have kids home, then what? I don’t have any so my experience is based on childhood.

Most winters the living room table was used for jigsaw puzzles and then we had the game closet. Growing up on a farm, chores have to be done regardless of the weather, but most Sunday afternoons my father, brother, sister and I would be at the kitchen table playing board games or cards. I knew how to play Canasta and Pinochle long before my feet could reach the floor. Who am I kidding, my feet barely reach the floor now! My point is that we did these things together, not in our own rooms, on our own devices.

Of course, if it’s just snowing, get out in it and have some fun. Just stay off the roads.

Smile, relax and knit,



Get Back the Zeal

Unfinished projects cropped 30


I was assisting a fairly new knitter recently, helping her to bind off and sew in the ends. Then she put it on, saying it was the first piece she had ever finished.

Her excitement at her accomplishment reminded me of how we all once felt when we completed our projects, but have forgotten as the pile of the unfinished has grown in the corner.

Often I hear knitters say, “my sweater is finished, I just have to sew it together”, or a statement to that effect. And I think NO, finishing is part of knitting. Your piece is not done until it is wearable or useable.

My thought to regain that zeal, we address the pile, “Hello Pile”, then jump in with both feet or dip in a tepid toe and begin. If you need help with a project, here are some suggestions: come see us, give us a call or send an email, visit your local yarn shop, try the knitting group at the library or just “phone a friend”. But start working your way through that pile. Each successive achievement will make you feel better.

Of course, you will no longer have the age old excuse, “I can’t buy any more yarn. I have too many unfinished projects at home”. But I’m sure that can be easily rectified.

Smile, relax and knit,