My Wednesday Nights

Isaac at Whippletree

In the summer of 1997, Martha started a weekly knitting group. By fall, it was my “Merry Band of Knitters”. What I soon learned was that while most of the people needed some help with their knitting, they needed something else more. They, like me, lived in or around Woodstock, but without relatives nearby. We soon became each other’s family. We’ve been through marriages, divorces, babies, people moving in and people moving away, but through it all we share a bond.

Currently our members range in age from eight to ninety-something and Isaac, the greyhound. We discuss the world’s problems, review books, movies, and recipes, sometimes we knit and we laugh.



The View From Our Window

If you haven’t visited us lately we have a new store. Well, it’s not actually new, but it certainly feels like it. It’s lighter, brighter, more open and has given us renewed exuberance for our business and the new trends in knitting.

The Whippletree opened as a yarn shop in the mid 1960’s, thus making us the oldest yarn shop in Vermont. There have been 4 owners in the shop’s history. Our tenure began in 1996 and except for some minor alterations made at purchase, the interior has remained much the same. Lately we’ve felt a compelling need for a face-lift. So we implemented our Two-Part-Plan, literally put our backs into it, and with our 6 woman crew, achieved the appearance we desired.

As you can see we also have a new website.  We’re very excited about this new format allowing us to share what we’re doing at the shop and also give you a place to comment or ask questions.

Although we aren’t selling online yet, we’ll soon have our Whippletree Design patterns available on Ravelry.  And if you want to buy yarn, we’re happy to take your phone order and ship it via USPS.

We hope you’ll stop in to see us, feel free to write a comment on our site, and most of all enjoy the new Whippletree Yarn Shop.

Enjoy, Smile, Relax,

Andrea, Shelley, and Martha