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Whippletree Yarn Shop Closing It’s Doors


As many of you know the Whippletree Yarn Shop is the oldest yarn shop in Vermont. It is also one of the oldest in the country. So it is with great sadness that we will be closing the store on August 17, 2019.

In our 21 and 35 years we have met and served many people from all over the world. It has been a fascinating trip, but the course of our lives has changed and it is time for us to change trains.

We would be open to anyone interested in taking the reins and continuing this tradition.

Smile, relax and knit,

Andrea and Shelley



Rhythm for Your Soul


Are you feeling distracted, out of sorts, can’t concentrate, need to get back to the normal daily rhythms of life? You are not alone.

Since mid January we have had a White House that runs on the Chaos Theory. A Senate that is either talking all night, voting in the middle of the night or creating news in other ways. And we have even had the Justice Department involved in law making.

Then there is the news media trying to react, or stay in front of all of this. We have the power of the people protesting on the Mall, in the malls, in airports, in Congressional offices, and the media covers all of this. Is it any wonder our heads are spinning? Hmmm, Spinning….

I was once a production hand weaver. To build up any speed you have to get your hands and feet to work together in an even steady rhythm. One night I sat down to weave while listening to a Jazz festival on the radio. I was all over the place; wrong foot, wrong hand, dropping the shuttle, a mess. Finally I leaned back and said “what is the matter with you?” During my timeout the music came to the forefront and I realized my problem. Slap to the forehead, “you can’t weave to a syncopated rhythm.”

So if you are not adjusting well to this new syncopation of our daily lives and the turbulence has you out of sorts, some thoughts…

First, change the music. Then collect your knitting and maybe a few knitting friends. For we know that knitting is therapeutic, but group therapy is much better. Soon you have the clicking of the needles, the yarn sliding through your fingers and the song of your pattern running around in your head.

Whether it’s the gentle clicking of the needles, the swoosh of the spinning wheel, or the swish-thwack of the loom, getting back to basics shifts you into more comfortable patterns. Whatever activity you use to calm yourself, I try to include two things in every day, gratitude and lots of laughter.

Smile, relax and knit,





If You Love It, Share It.

clematis rotated resized
We have many customers who are part of our “knitting family”. We know them well and we know their families, not that we met their families, but because we have heard so much about them.

As they bought yarn for growing households, knit for stress relief during careers, or came in for help when they knit too late into the night, we came to know what an important role knitting played in their lives. But it is rare that we learn how special their knitting is in the lives of their families.

One particular customer had such a tale. She raised three sons and had a storied career as an educator, knitting all the while. But as a grandmother she latched onto what became her favorite yarn. We tried to tell her it was a little scratchy for little ones. No, that was the one she wanted to use.

She recently passed away and I attended the “Celebration of Her Life”. I sat listening to her grandchildren saying how her knitting will be among their best memories. She taught her grandson to knit and inspired him to continue to learn. They all referred to “Garmies’s itchy sweaters”. Then I got it, she had to keep buying that yarn, she had a reputation to maintain.

If you love knitting, pass it on. We know you share your knitted works, so why not share your skill and give the world a new inspired knitter.

Smile, relax and knit,



Where Are My Keys?

Keys photo cropped



When people come to the counter to check out and they gather themselves to leave, often their keys are nowhere to be found.

There could be a few reasons for this. Some people come in with a definite purpose. They are looking for a particular yarn, or they need help. Those keys are an afterthought the minute they walk in the door.

Others step over the threshold with the “Oh, Yarn Shop” and the keys are the last things on their minds.

I have noticed that the difficulty in finding the key ring is directly related to the involvement, intensity and length of time spent in the shop. I have always thought that most things were lost through distractedness. If we have not trained ourselves to habitually, mindlessly put our keys away in the same place every time and we encounter a diversion in our road, chaos ensues.

Of course there is another explanation, if you’re a believer. Because no matter how often we converse with the Knitting Goddess, the Knitting Gremlins will spend a lot of time in our shop. They take pleasure in moving things, hiding things and in general just messing with our knitting.

Then one day one of our “Searchers” at the counter said, “Your keys go missing in the yarn shop because they don’t want you to leave.” Hmmmm, I’m sensing a conspiracy. No matter, there are far worse places to have to spend a little more time than a yarn shop.

By the way, where are your keys?

Smile, relax and knit,