Accessories and Tools

Accessories and Tools at Whippletree Yarn Shop


You’ve chosen the pattern and love the yarn. Now you need the knitting needles and other accessories to get started. Whether you prefer the slick metal points for speed or smooth wood for warmth, we have both in straight needles, circular needles and double point needles, along with stitch holders, markers, counters, and more.

We also carry a variety of buttons, clasps, and shawl pins to add the perfect  touch to your knitted creation.


  • Knitter’s Pride Nova Platina circular and double pointed needles.

  • Knitter’s Pride Dreamz circular needles.

  • Brittany birch single pointed and double pointed needles.

  • Knitter’s Pride “Soft Grip” Crochet hooks.

We also carry

  • A variety of knitting accessories from Bryson, Clover, and Susan Bates, including needle felting tools.

  • Buttons by Barker, Dill, Blue Moon, Renaissance, One World, and Buttons Etc.

  • Handcrafted shawl pins by LickinFlames. 


  • Pewter Shawl closures by Barker.

  • White Brass Shawl closures by JUL.

  • Yarn Suzies, Vermont made yarn bowls, notion bags and project bags.

Yarn bowls by local artist, Laura White.