If You Love It, Share It.

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We have many customers who are part of our “knitting family”. We know them well and we know their families, not that we met their families, but because we have heard so much about them.

As they bought yarn for growing households, knit for stress relief during careers, or came in for help when they knit too late into the night, we came to know what an important role knitting played in their lives. But it is rare that we learn how special their knitting is in the lives of their families.

One particular customer had such a tale. She raised three sons and had a storied career as an educator, knitting all the while. But as a grandmother she latched onto what became her favorite yarn. We tried to tell her it was a little scratchy for little ones. No, that was the one she wanted to use.

She recently passed away and I attended the “Celebration of Her Life”. I sat listening to her grandchildren saying how her knitting will be among their best memories. She taught her grandson to knit and inspired him to continue to learn. They all referred to “Garmies’s itchy sweaters”. Then I got it, she had to keep buying that yarn, she had a reputation to maintain.

If you love knitting, pass it on. We know you share your knitted works, so why not share your skill and give the world a new inspired knitter.

Smile, relax and knit,



  3 comments for “If You Love It, Share It.

  1. gillian
    July 11, 2016 at 3:04 PM

    I visited Whippletree when on holiday last autumn ,I live in Yorkshire, England but I loved the shop and really enjoy reading the comments posted,keep ig going its great Thanks.


  2. July 10, 2016 at 12:45 PM

    Whippletree has been my favorite yarn shop for over 40 years. Always an enjoyable stop whenever I’m in Woodstock. Great yarns, good assistance, and wonderful inspiration for knitting. Thanks!


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