Get Back the Zeal

Unfinished projects cropped 30


I was assisting a fairly new knitter recently, helping her to bind off and sew in the ends. Then she put it on, saying it was the first piece she had ever finished.

Her excitement at her accomplishment reminded me of how we all once felt when we completed our projects, but have forgotten as the pile of the unfinished has grown in the corner.

Often I hear knitters say, “my sweater is finished, I just have to sew it together”, or a statement to that effect. And I think NO, finishing is part of knitting. Your piece is not done until it is wearable or useable.

My thought to regain that zeal, we address the pile, “Hello Pile”, then jump in with both feet or dip in a tepid toe and begin. If you need help with a project, here are some suggestions: come see us, give us a call or send an email, visit your local yarn shop, try the knitting group at the library or just “phone a friend”. But start working your way through that pile. Each successive achievement will make you feel better.

Of course, you will no longer have the age old excuse, “I can’t buy any more yarn. I have too many unfinished projects at home”. But I’m sure that can be easily rectified.

Smile, relax and knit,


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