What Kind of Knitter Are You?

What kind of knitter are you? Have you knit all your life, or did you take a break and come back?

Are you a seasonal knitter, someone we only see in the Fall and Winter?

Are you a passionate knitter with a project in your handbag in case you have to stand in line too long?

Do you know someone who knit years ago and wants to start up again? Or do you have a friend bugging you to teach them to knit?

Well, pick an evening, a bottle of wine, pint of ice cream, bar of Godiva, which ever suits your mood. Get a pair of needles, a good ball of yarn and oh yes, your friend. Cast on for them, see what happens and remember to laugh!

Smile, relax and knit,


 Enjoying Knit Nite.cropped resized

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