Our Knitting Nest

Whippletree Yarn Shop

Our Knitting Nest

One of my favorite feelings in our store is when I see someone stop just inside the door, do a quick look around, then their whole posture changes and with a sigh comes the slight utterance “oooh”, or “aaah” or the one I am most partial to “home”. These little prayers go straight to my heart, for I know we have created a desirable knitting nest. As these customers look around I  will ask them if they need any help. The usual response is “I’m still taking it all in” or “I haven’t felt everything yet”. Knitting  will be spoken, suggestions made and often, because real knitters can’t help themselves, a sale is made.

I’ve  been here for almost thirty years, I’ve seen many yarn companies come and go along with many fads, fashions and styles of yarn. I’ve met knitters from almost every state and many countries. Whether we are reading paper patterns or iPad patterns, talking knitting or using air knitting sign language, knit is still knit and purl is still purl. The have been since the beginning of time.

When young girls come in to learn or buy yarn and needles, I see the love of knitting passing to another generation and that warms my heart.

Smile, relax and knit.



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